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Reuben — May 18, This is the reason I started drinking mead.

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It is very easy to drink and goes well with food or by itself. Chris verified owner — May 28, My step-son and I have always wanted to try Mead. I was excited when I found your website, and immediately placed an order. I was not disappointed, and will be making more purchases soon.

Steven verified owner — June 1, Absolutely amazing! This blew me away! Absolutely delicious, smooth, great alone or with a meal, and truly fit for a king! Mel verified owner — June 1, Shared a bottle at the office and everyone thought it was amazing as well. James Daugherty verified owner — June 2, Very delicious. Jean verified owner — June 8, Michael Southard verified owner — June 22, You have a permanent customer!!!!


Tommy Watson verified owner — June 23, This was my first foray into the world of mead, and it was a fantastic first step. All who were able to sample this agreed that it is phenomenal and we all look forward to the next bottles that we try! The customer service and shipping time was also top notch. It arrived quickly and packaged well, giving me no concerns about it possibly breaking in transit in the future. Thank you very much. Michael verified owner — July 6, Nic verified owner — July 11, Terry Molargik verified owner — July 13, Teresa — August 3, Bryant P verified owner — September 17, But this one is spectacular.

Stephen verified owner — October 14, This is a great mead to start with and usually what we give our friends and family when they show interest in mead. This along with the dark are two things we always keep on hand. It is sweet and you can taste the honey, but it is not too sweet which is usually what turns people off to mead.

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I also have never had the mead headache when drinking Hidden Legend Mead that you get when you drink other meads. Shaun verified owner — October 15, The smooth rich taste of honey gives this mead a wonderful balance that both my fiance and I loved. Her a little too much, I probably only had about a quarter of the the bottle, no idea what happened to the rest wink wink Anyways I digress, this is a wonderful mead and I highly recommend it. Chad verified owner — November 22, This mead is a perfect balance of dry and sweet and brings out the essence of what good mead should be.

If you want a tried and true, keep on hand, go to mead, this is the one to stock up on. I am certainly looking forward to buying many more bottles myself! Richard Shaughnessy verified owner — March 26, When I go back to my island Ireland and we drink wine, This is as close as it gets. Fermenting honey works well. It can be served with lamb, mutton or smoked eel. Dan R verified owner — June 9, Big fan.

Definitely reordering. Christine verified owner — June 13, My all time favorite wine. Smooth, sweet, and easy to drink while intriguing to the pallette.

Current October 12222 Coupons

Steve A. Louise Woessner — June 15, Stealth Scherer verified owner — June 17, Alex Padilla — June 25, Robb verified owner — July 13, I bought this one to give it a try and it was delicious. I finally convinced my wife to try mead, and now she wants me to place another order because she loved it. She was afraid that mead was going be very dry, and she was pleasantly surprised. Tess verified owner — July 22, Super great! My first buy from this company and I was not disappointed! Sweet and smooth, with the tiniest bit of tartness to keep it from being overly sweet. Loved it!

Adam Legg — July 28, My favorite mead! On the sweet side but not overly so. Do yourself a favor and get at least 2 bottles. Probably more. Micahel verified owner — July 28, I enjoy this mead sooooo much! I have tried at least a half a dozen different brands and Hidden Legend surely is the best of the best! Curt verified owner — August 2, The Kings was by far our favorite and the Pure honey was also very good.

The dark was not as sweet , more for a dark beer drinker. The Kings Mead, simply warms my Viking soul, very easy to drink, smooth yet has a good kick to it. By far my favorite Mead from this company. Great customer service as well. Keith verified owner — August 4, This is a classic, well crafted mead.

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  5. Rich and easy to enjoy for most every pallet. A family favorite and a regular under the Christmas tree for the past several years! Jon Bingham — August 4, From the description I thought this would be sweeter, I found it more of a savory beefy flavor than sweet. I am interested in trying new meads but will need to be more selective as I am not very much enjoying this bottle. Valid Until May 1, Verified On June 1, Valid Until June 1, Verified On January 1, Valid Until January 1, Verified On December 1, Black Friday Sales Growing Equipment.

    King Cork Wine & Liquor Rewards

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