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I have a tutorial for that, search Ricks tutorials in the forum and there is one for scanning a voucher barcode to add discount to a ticket. Look at this tutorial at step 7, creating a named miscellaneous item button. This will show you how to create a button called Staff Drink, that you enter the price on the keypad, then press the Staff Drink Button to add it to the ticket.

RickH Thanks Rick.

Thanks again, Damian. The BAR tag just creates a barcode of whatever is on that line of the template… nor even specifically numbers. I have a potential idea for you but is not straight forward and and cant offer huge amounts of guidence as flat out at the minute. Ring in the gift item as normal. I would set this to only work on new orders.

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You could if worried about that order being voided before payment you could use the orders DinkIn state to clear the value from the program setting as part of the void rule. So basically if I understood correctly its a secure way of zeroing the price of a specific item on the order when the user redeems their voucher? So actually the barcode is a credit on a specific drink, rather than having monetary value?

You problem with that is you said you were worried about scanning the ticket more than once. If you use a gingle credit account you would still need to track individual orders somehow ans you would do 10 drinks in seperatly but one voucher could be used 10 times if that makes sense. If this was at my hotel we just use drink in tokens for locals - custom printed poker chip type things I would set it to clear all drinks in on a single function which would be run on stocktake day as all locals are told that any drinks in are lost if not claimed before the following stocktake.

It would depend on your chosen setup.

Samba Sports Discount Codes 12222

Gift voucher system I last did worked as only one per transaction as wasnt done via ticket it was a pure automation flow using ask questions to apply a credit to a gift voucher account. Unfortunately I need to keep them live after cashup as some staff only drink at the hotel once a month. I like your method and really appreciate the feedback, I need to try and put it into practice to see if I can make it work with my limited experience. So am I correct that;. Rather than product name use product price as the setting value. You would need to work in some evaluation to check the voucher doesnt have a larger value than the order if mixing drink in product and drink claimed product.

Rob Smyth - The Joy of Six: great Championship/Football Manager players

Perfect thanks! So pretty much exactly what I was hoping to achieve. Will this work for multiple drinks creating seperate vouchers in a single order? Any other downsides you can think of? It is history, and people need to be educated about it.

Offers on Best Samba Classes in Sector 8 Nerul, Mumbai | Fitternity

My history teacher and I feel the same way about things like this, he doesn't like how people are taking down statues of Confederate heroes, but that's for another topic that will most likely get locked because of political comments. If you have a VW of that vintage or are a collector of VW pieces it seems natural to have them on your car or have one in your collection.

That's just my opinion though. Dan Hiebert wrote:.

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Whts interesting is in the one article linked, it describes a similar logo as the sunwheel logo which is what I see when I look at it. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Never linked the two together at all, and I am of German ancestry, love history, and VW's. We all know the historical linkage between Nazi fascist Germany and Volkswagen.

I would like to believe we as a populous are intelligent enough to allow history to be that, history, and to learn from the lack of compassion and understanding. Long live the dub.

Not the nonsense. It's a logo to me. Maywood Mountain Invention is the tool of the adventurer - Jacques Cousteau Sinning led me to become a saint, which I then learned I wasn't qualified. SamboSamba22 wrote:. As long as Louis C.

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Just talking about it means someone, somewhere at a Whole Foods with a Forester and a stack of New Age CDs is going to be offended on behalf of a family member they never knew from 3 generations ago. This hell-bent person will sip their chamomile tomorrow and with Crocks crossed in the hemp hammock rattle off a 3 page diatribe to TheView's Facebook page- graveinjustice!!!

FYI, I don't think you would be able to sell those repo. I think it's also unlawful to fly even the old WW1 battle flag which is very similar to the WW2 battle flag. This covers the version used after with the swastika. However, the original black-white-red tricolour flag used between and can be shown depending on circumstances in different states of Germany. Because members of the far right have used the imperial war flag as a symbol, its use is considered to be a "breach of the public order" in seven states, and flags could be confiscated.

In the other nine states, any provocative misuse of the flag can be prosecuted as an Ordnungswidrigkeit. Helfen, could the hub caps be an "artistic" design on the vehicle? I'm sure the VW museum says they are "educational". This concerns Nazi symbolism in particular and is part of the denazification efforts following the fall of the Third Reich. If the VW museum uses those hub caps or the dash on the VW they have in there I would presume by definition of the criminal code that it's OK.

Driving around Germany in a restored Beetle with the hooked cross hub caps might be another story. Thanks Ray. To me, that's a HUGE stretch to get a swastika out of that design. I'm in the crowd of it just being a logo.